Getting Into Sports Part 1: Introduction

Sports, oh boy they’re great! They provide an out, a sanctity from the normal everyday grind. They allow us to escape the dreary nonsense of real life, and invest in something that is bigger than ourselves.

However, there are some people out there that are still on the outside looking in. Sure, alot of them believe that sports are “boring,” or are “a bunch of bullshit;” but alot of people just don’t know where to start when it comes to being a fan.


This process is very simple; really, it is! But before you just start following any team all “willy nilly,” we should look into a few of the ways that fandom can come about;

1. Hometown Team: Being a fan of the team from your hometown is one of the most obvious reasons for being a fan. A sports team has the power of bringing an entire community together, so sometimes it’s hard to not get engulfed by the mayhem.

Take the Cubs winning the championship a few years back. What that trophy meant to the city as a whole was something special, and “cubs fever” just swept through the midwest. It became infectious; to the point where you either were a fan, became a fan, or for some reason got so annoyed that you swore off the media outlets for a month.

2. Through Family Ties: It’s that sports cliché that we’ve seen since the beginning of time. The love and devotion to one team is passed down from generation to generation, always teaching the next crop of kids what it means to be a “fan” of that team.

Then, as it was for me, they are taken to their very first game. And after they take their first two steps into that stadium, they instantly become hooked. It’s just something that’s in their blood; it’s hard to describe.

2A. Against Family Ties: For some reason, there’s always that kid that wants to challenge the “status quo” in their family. If the family is full of Bears fans, the kid says they are a Packers fan. If the family is full of Yankees fans, the kid wants to be a Red Sox fan, (and so on).

And there’s nothing wrong with this, nothing at all. Just understand, those Thanksgiving and Christmas get-togethers might get a little heated from time to time.

3. Favorite Player: This one I don’t really understand, because I’ve never had a connection to a player like some people do. There are folks out there that will follow a player’s journey from city to city, buying up whatever jersey’s they can to stay relevant.

Take Lebron James for example; there are plenty of basketball fans that jumped ship and became Lakers fans when he left Cleveland. These “fans” like to follow wherever he goes, with their closets resembling a rainbow with the amount of jerseys they have. BUT, if you think about it, these individuals could also fall under another category of “fandom;”

4. The Fair-Weather Fan: In my honest opinion, these are the WORST types of fans out there. Alot of them are arrogant, annoying, and moronic; all in the hopes of staying with the hottest team. These are the fans that shoot out posts left and right saying how their team is the best, and they’re #1. Then, the very next year, they’re saying the exact same shit about another organization.

Remember the previous Lebron example? Because many of these fans can fall under this category as well. Many of these fans like to follow Lebron anywhere he goes because they know that that team will “most likely” make it to the playoffs/championship that year. It’s just sad if you ask me.


You see, a fan’s origin story can come in many different forms. But regardless of what their story is, all I ask is that you don’t beat them down with stats and facts to make yourself seem superior. You’re just a douchebag when you do that, and you take the fun out of sports all together.

(WITH EXCEPTION: You will always have that one turd who doesn’t know what they are talking about, but still has the nerve to talk trash and try to make you feel inferior to them. If you know how to call them out on their bullshit, then you should do so EVERY DAMN TIME!)


Are there any other types of fans that I missed? Have you experienced a sporting event with one of these people? Let me know in the comments section below.

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