Snackage After Close: A Bag Of Candy

It’s the day after Halloween, and the initial “sugar high” that everyone has experienced is starting to die down a little bit. Don’t worry, there is still a candy “spill-over” effect that will be happening for the next few weeks. There’s too much Halloween candy out there to not have that happen.

But because of this, I just want to keep tonight’s snack simple. All you need to do is just put my big bag of candy in front of me, with a beer, and just leave me be. I will be SUPER content with myself; even though I will probably be puking within the hour.

And I say a bag because where I live, we only had two trick or treaters the entire night. TWO TRICK OR TREATERS; and that was during a 4-5 hour trick-or-treating period. And the problem with that is, we ended up buying one (and a half) of those MONSTER SIZE variety bags that you get from places like Costco. 

So saying that we had leftover candy is an UNDERSTATEMENT. In all honesty, I could give some to each one of my cousins, bring a bag to work, and STILL have enough to last us the next few weeks.

But what kind of beer would you pair with it? What brew would you chug down while scarfing on chocolate bars and sour gummies?

For me, just go with a cheap beer. And everyone who knows me or reads my content knows I am a cheap bastard that believes quantity wins when selecting a daily “house brew.” But this is different; if you’re just snacking on Halloween candy, you don’t want to waste your time on a high priced craft beer. That would be the equivalent of pairing champagne with a fast food burger; doesn’t make sense.


Now I want to know, what’s your favorite type of candy? How much candy do you still have left over after Halloween? Let me know in the comments section below.

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