Older Guys With Younger Girls Is……”Interesting” To Say The Least

Now I know all of the double standards out there regarding this situation. In fact, there are SO MANY beliefs surrounding this situation, there should be another phrase to describe it.

Basically, to sum it all up for you, there are four beliefs (that I can think of) that people may have;

  1. The woman is a “gold-digger”
  2. The man is a “player”
  3. The woman bagged a “rich one”
  4. The man is a “creep”

But personally, I’ve never actually seen this happen first hand. I mean, I’ve seen it in movies and the tabloids; but never out in the world.

That is, until this past week.

So this past week, my mother asked me to pick up some ingredients for her FAMOUS minestrone soup she was making. It was a huge list of stuff, with a few items just for the week sprinkled in; so I was going to be there for a while.

Towards the end of my visit to the grocery store, I was perusing the sushi and chicken wing bars they had set up. Roughly ten to fifteen feet away stood a blonde woman my age who was rather cute. She was dressed nicely and getting a couple of bowls of soup, so I guessed she was on her lunch break from work.

But, I still thought to myself; “Wouldn’t hurt to have a conversation, meet some people.” So I kind of strolled over, acting like I was looking for something in particular. But then, when I was about seven(ish) feet away, I noticed an older gentleman walk up to her. This guy had to be in his early fifties, grey hair, and a thick mustache.

“Oh shit, it’s the dad. Abort, abort,” I thought to myself, not wanting to deal with that mess. So I stopped in my tracks, looking at the pre-made sandwiches underneath the sneeze guard.

But then, like it was out of one of those weird rom-coms, the gentleman landed a big wet kiss right on her lips. And it wasn’t like one of those really close family pecks on the lips, OH NO! These two were one loose tongue away from being a part of some serious PDA. I mean this dude went ALL IN on this kiss.

When I saw this happen, I made a quick “about face” and headed straight for the front of the store. I’m not prepared to handle that “daddy problem drama.”

Like I said, I have nothing against this kind of “love.” If it makes them happy, so be it. But it’s still a very interesting situation to actually see out in the world.


What are your thoughts on a situation like this? Let me know in the comments section below.

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