Getting Into Sports Part 2: Baseball

The sad part is, some people don’t enjoy baseball. Some people believe that it is a boring sport, and they need something more exciting in their lives.

I disagree however; I believe that the sport of baseball has PLENTY of exciting moments that can keep one on the edge of their seat. This can range from a bases-loaded situation where your team is trying to get out of an inning, to your team trying to “walk it off” in the bottom of the ninth.

But where should one start when they are trying to become a baseball fan for the upcoming season?

Well to start, the most obvious decision would be cheering for your hometown squad. This track sometimes doesn’t give you alot of options to choose from; hell, in some states, you don’t have ANY options to choose from. But thankfully, we are not restricted to one or two teams to cheer for.

You could always take the “easy way out” and follow the best team in the league. You could always hop on that Boston Red Sox bandwagon and ride that thing to another championship. That way, as a fan, you are guaranteed to see your team in the playoffs for many years to come.

For those who are unaware, the Boston Red Sox are fresh off of a title win this year, beating the Los Angeles Dodgers in five games. They were WITHOUT A DOUBT, the best team in the league in 2018, winning 108 games in the regular season and only losing three in the postseason.

And to top it off, they are an extremely young team. So if you decide to be a fan of them, you’re locked into the same great core of guys for the next few years.

But this is too easy in my book; anyone can follow the Red Sox now and INSTANTLY be in the running for multiple championships/playoff runs for years to come.

So where do we go from here?

(For the record, I’m going to stay away from suggesting the Cubbies to be your team. You are more than welcome to choose them if you wish, but I want to put my personal bias aside when providing this suggestion.)

Personally, I feel like a “new fan” to the sport needs to select a team that’s on the verge of being a playoff contender. They need to learn what it’s like being a fan of a franchise building toward the future, and not one that is already there.

The top team on my mind that fits this mould would be the Arizona Diamondbacks. Even though they finished just above .500, they still have MUCH MORE to prove in the coming years. They were actually in contention for a playoff spot until they started to dwindle away late in the season.


With a few more key pieces added to their lineup, I could see the D-Backs challenging for a title in the next 2-3 years. But what are your thoughts on my pick? And if I’m wrong, tell me who you believe I should have chosen? Let me know in the comments section below.

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