If You Start Dating After Thanksgiving, Are You Required To Exchange Gifts For Christmas?

We are well into the last quarter of the year, and this is about the time where all of the major holidays start popping up. I mean, we backload all of these special days of our lives at the tail-end of each year, and it becomes a mad scramble to finish it all up right.

But through all of the shopping, cooking, planning, and spending time with your family; cupid sometimes spontaneously flies down from his little cloud in the sky and shoots his arrow at some unsuspecting guy in a bar in the middle of December. I mean the guy’s just sitting there, minding his own business, and ALL OF A SUDDEN he starts to fall for the girl at the end of the bar pounding her third lemon drop martini.

Fast forward to a week before Christmas, this poor bastard is in a relationship and starting to debate with himself; “Are we really exchanging gifts after only dating for a short time? I mean, we’ve only been dating for a few weeks now.”

Now listen to me here, this is a tough situation to work with. Because I KNOW if you are a cheap bastard like me, then this thought has crossed your mind from time to time.

Personally, I don’t think you are required to exchange gifts that close to when you started dating. I mean, it’s not like you’ve been together for an extensive period of time, to the point where you know everything about each other. In all honesty, your relationship is so short that it basically resembles a sneeze in the “dating world.”

But, some girls out there are expecting some big, elaborate holiday surprise from their man each year. And if you truly want that relationship to work, then you will probably have to shell out some dough and put SOMETHING together. I’m not saying go crazy and buy her some expensive JEWELRY, or any other crap like that. But, at least make some kind of effort that will make your first holiday together something special.


What do you think of starting a relationship so close to the holiday season? Do you agree with me? Or do you believe that I am a cheap bastard? Let me know in the comments section below.

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