Thank You Veterans

We here at Weekly Sports World would like to thank you, the brave men and women of our military. We owe a debt to these people that which we can never repay.

You put your lives on the line overseas so the battles aren’t fought here at home.

If you personally know a veteran, please let them know how grateful you are of their service. Remember the Vietnam service members who were spat on and insulted for fighting in a war they were forced into. Thank them for everything that they’ve done for this country.

Speaking of service members returning home from war; let’s remember that even though they may return with no physical wounds, they still come back with mental scars that may never truly heal.  If you know someone suffering from this due to events which happened while they served, please encourage them to check with the local V.A. hospital to start getting the help they need.

To the veterans that aren’t sure about seeing a therapist, there is no shame in asking for help. You did your duty, now it is time for the country you fought for to help you. If you are worried about taking resources away from more wounded veterans, please do not worry, the V.A. has programs for everyone and enough resources to go around.

I know some people might be sitting around today thinking something like, ‘Sure it is Veteran’s day, but it feels like just another day.’ This article might not be able to influence the way you view this day. However, we encourage you to talk to a veteran who is willing to speak about the events they have gone through, and just try and imagine what they have been through. Of course, this is nowhere near the real thing. However, for those who can’t serve, this is the closest we can get to understanding what occurs.

Thank you again to all the Veterans on this day, and every day.

With great gratitude,

The Weekly Sports World Team


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