The Buffalo Bills Are So Unpredictable!

No, this isn’t about wins or anything like that. I think the WORLD has given up on that a while ago. I’m just talking about doing something that YOU EXPECT THEM TO DO!

This past week, the Buffalo Bills once again did not do what they were supposed to. The Buffalo Bills ONCE AGAIN did not follow the projections that were set out before their game. They have become one of the most ANNOYING teams in the league this year, and I’m sick and tired of it.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this; the New York Jets in my fantasy league were projected to get around ten fantasy points this week. I know, trusting the projections and the JETS in general was my first mistake. BUT, with the Bills choosing between Nathan Peterman and Matt Barkley that week at quarterback (ended up being Barkley), I felt; “Why not, it’s only one week. Buffalo can’t do THAT good.”

Welp, I was WRONG! Matt Barkley, LeSean McCoy, and the Buffalo Bills were able to put up forty-one points on the Jets D. FORTY-ONE, which led to a ROUSING -7 points for my fantasy squad. (Let’s just say I didn’t win that game).

Now see, this isn’t the only time that I believed in the Bills. This isn’t the last time I thought the Bills would bring me joy, but only to let me down in the end.

Back on Week 7, I played the Bills defense against the Indianapolis Colts. At this point in the year, they were ranked rather high against the rest of the league, and were riding  high with two double-digit games against the Titans and Texans (13 and 16 points respectively). And not only that, the Colts were in the middle of a four game losing streak. THE PIECES WERE IN PLACE!

But, the Bills just had to “Bill It Up” with a -2 point performance for the game. This, unfortunately, lead to ANOTHER loss for my squad on the season.

The Buffalo Bills are the most unpredictable team in the league right now, and I am DONE trusting them in ANY facet of betting. My dumbass is done believing, and my dumbass is DONE forgiving.


But what are your thoughts on the Buffalo Bills this season? Let me know in the comments section below!

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