The “Brewski Cortex Fluctuation”

Contemplating having a beer at any point in the day is not a bad thing. To me, it’s symbolizing that you are having a tough/stressful day and you need time to relax and unwind. BUT, is it bad if you are thinking of that said beer before you even make it to work?

I mean, not really?

Now before you start to crack open a cold one at 6am to have with your morning toast, hear me out for a second. Because I’m not saying that you should go to work all “buzzed” out, far from it. What I am saying is that it is perfectly normal to think about the stressful day you are about to have, and basically think of what you will be doing afterward to make up for it.

“Scientifically,” this is called the “Brewski Cortex Fluctuation” (WOW I’m full of shit). Basically what this is is the neurons of the “Brewski Cortex” in your brain are fluctuating at a rapid speed, causing you to crave a beer at the most inopportune times. This said fluctuation is being triggered by preconceived notions in your mind that your day is about to be stressful and down-right shitty.

Unfortunately, besides having a beer, there are no known cures or remedies for “Brewski Cortex Fluctuation.” However, the best way to combat this would be to wake up and stay positive throughout your morning. Tell yourself that this day is going to be something special, and that no one will piss you off for the duration of it.

(I know that’s a tough sell, but one can dream? Can’t they?)


I do want to make a point though, that I am an idiot (if you haven’t already guessed). I’m no scientist, but I do want to pose the question; Has anyone else experienced this before? And how did you cope with it? Let the world know in the comments below.

(And as always, PLEASE be safe and responsible when you drink)

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