Late Night Drinking Thoughts 2

I know it’s not as late as the last time I posted one of these, but do you truly think I care? That answer…….is NO!

The good part about life though is, we are always thinking. We are always thinking about whatever we can to allow our minds to stay limber and fresh. If we weren’t thinking, then we’d just be a society of mindless saps that mutter absolutely nothing in the checkout line.

That’s why I like expressing my thoughts in this forum. That’s why I enjoy expressing my ideas to all of you, the fans, in a place that can be seen by many.

Granted, some of these thoughts can be a bit “out there” when you’ve had one few too many beers on a Saturday night. But the best part about that is, they are entertaining;

What gives you the right to disrespect a cashier? And I’m not talking about showing disrespect to someone who is disrespecting you. I’m talking about walking up to the register with a pole up your ass, thinking that you are bigger than the person ringing your items out.

This is a key lesson to learn with Thanksgiving (because people are so greedy that they want to buy stuff on a “thankful” holiday), and “Black Friday” right around the corner. It’s going to be late, their store is already going to be hectic, and the cashier is already ticked that they can’t be with their family. The best thing you can do as a shopper is to just let the kid behind the counter do their job, and don’t make yourself look like a jackass.

Kids nowadays have never seen a VCR or a VHS before. Hell, some kids nowadays don’t even know what a VCR or a VHS tape is. This, my friends, makes me feel old. And yes, I know I am still 24; but this is the first time in my life that a new generation hasn’t had something I did. This is the FIRST TIME that my generation has to explain a MAJOR piece of our lives to the kids of today while they ignore us and play on their devices.

WOW, where is my walker?

What would happen to the world if ALL social media websites were down for a day? Obviously, businesses that depend on social media to market their organization would be hindered by this situation. But I’m more interested in looking at this from a social aspect.

I swear, I can just picture it now; it would be like a zombie movie come to life. People would be walking around with a faint “death” in their eye, the glimmer of hope in their life just sucked from them. You would see these people “poking” each other in the streets, and giggling to themselves like a crazy person. Society would be pure anarchy!

Where did girls get the “leg bend” in photos from? Speaking of social media, if you have an account on ANY platform, you’ve seen one of your female friends strike this pose. In roughly 93.67% of their photos, one of their legs will be bent at a very noticeable angle, while the other one stays at rest.

Is this a trend that I didn’t know about? Or is this just a common coincidence? If we’re being honest, I’m not entirely sure. However, in my opinion, this could spark into a bigger trend than the stupid “duck face” pictures if not stopped now.


I truly hope that your Thanksgiving weekend is filled with fun, family, and TONS of food. I would love to hear some of your drinking thoughts in the comments section below. Who knows, I might have an answer for ya. 

Also, if you’d like to get caught up on my “drunken” thoughts, read the first edition here;

Late Night Drinking Thoughts


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