An Open Letter: The Movie Industry

I am sure you have heard this a thousand times by now; “Hollywood is out of ideas!” Look no further than your local theater or your streaming services for proof. Unless you are REALLY searching for something ‘different’ & good to watch, chances are you are going to just see, in my opinion, the same crap.

For instance; I was looking for a movie for my mother and I to watch the other day.  It took 45 minutes to look through on-demand and streaming services to find something we both liked. Now, it is very hard to find something we both like so I am not saying it’s their fault that it took so long. What I am getting at is with all that time and searching, we saw a lot of remakes, reboots, and retreads of the same stories and movies we have already seen over the past number of years.

I understand why they are doing this. These movies have been proven to make money, which in turn leads to companies pouring MILLIONS of dollars into their marketing departments.

However, may I be so bold as to offer an alternative? …well like it or not, here it is anyway!

Ok, this is a wild concept; try putting LESS money into advertising reboots and remakes and put MORE money towards writers to come up with more creative and entertaining movies…Wild Concept, Right?

I know I know, some of you are saying that might not be enough to fix the lack of creativity in the movie industry right now.

To that, I say…you might be right!

Another major issue within the industry is too much corporate control. Due to legal issues, and our legal team yelling in my ear, I cannot mention the names of movies, actors, or companies at this time.

From having a scene(s) rewritten, to firing an actor; corporate entities have God-like control of the movies they finance. And why not?! It is their money!

Yes! That is exactly right! It is their money and therefore,  the actors and writers and everyone who is working on the movie is under their control. So that being said, why don’t we have a startup film company that works like a cross between a TV talent show and a crowdfunding website.

Let me see if I can make this a bit clearer. Someone should make a website where people read descriptions or even watch short trailers of what film makers (famous and non-famous) want to make. After watching or reading the descriptions, people can donate to the movie projects they want to see become full-fledged films.

Master Director,


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