The Greatest Friday That I’ve Had In A LONG TIME!

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Have you ever had a day that just didn’t go your way? It was like everything you did wasn’t working out, and all you needed was a beer and your favorite movie to unwind.

That day, was yesterday!

Now, have you ever had a day where everything just went right for you? A day where the people that wronged you, or put you down, were taken care of by the beautiful bastard name “Karma.”

That day, was today!

Two of these instances that occurred today happened at work, and I would like to steer away from these because they won’t necessarily resonate with a large amount of people.

However, the third situation was BY FAR my favorite. It involved driving, traffic, and the police; and I’m SURE AS HELL a majority of you have had experience with these three areas.

So I was driving home from work, and I decided to take the long way home instead of my usual route. This was the route that didn’t have the greatest lighting, but it was open enough to the point where you didn’t have to deal with as many people (if any).

A little time passed, and I found myself following behind a white mustang. He was going the speed limit, and I was about two seconds behind him; not necessarily on his ass, but I was close enough to where I was keeping up with him.

Then, a shitty black sedan sped up to where I was like he was in the middle of a drag race, and began to tailgate me for a good quarter mile. Along the way, this moron continually honked and flash his lights; (I’m guessing because the speed limit was too slow for his “super cool” car).

After we finished said quarter mile, he apparently had enough of me and the mustang and decided to speed past us in the left lane. As he was passing us, I noticed he was prominently flipping us the bird and screaming out; “F**K YOU!”

However, to my delight, the mustang in front of me didn’t take kindly to this disrespect. I know this because the vehicle in front of me was actually a member of our local police department in his squad car, and he proceeded to turn on his lights and pull this prick over to the side of the road.

And to top it all off, this guy had a busted taillight too. It was almost like a scene out of a sitcom!

I was so excited, I literally drove by the traffic stop clapping my hands, yelling; “LET’S GOOO!!!”

OH SWEET KARMA, she is a bitch! And I truly LOVE IT!


Have you ever had a situation like this happen? Let me know in the comments section below.

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