Bullshit Shirts

Trust me, we all have a few of these shirts in our closets and drawers from over the years. These shirts aren’t too old to be thrown away, but they are still a little too ratty to be wearing out on the town.

I call these, “Bullshit Shirts.”

“But what exactly is a “bullshit shirt” Kellen? Where would you wear such a shirt?”

A “BS shirt,” in the simplest terms, is a ratty old shirt that you wear because you don’t want to ruin any of your nice ones. You choose this shirt because you really don’t care if a hole gets ripped in it, or if it ends up with stains, or even if you lose it (for some reason).

If you don’t believe me that you have one of these shirts, take a quick look in your closest/drawers. When you get to the very end/bottom of either one, I’m sure you will find shirts that you haven’t seen in YEARS. Stuff like old high school spirit-wear that still fits, or old work shirts from your previous jobs. They are the PRIME DEFINITION of “Bullshit Shirts.”

Normally, you won’t see someone wearing a “bullshit shirt” out on the town while running errands, or grabbing drinks at the bar. These are STRICTLY to be worn for tasks such as working out, performing chores around the house, or just lounging on the couch.

Hell, you could even count the shirt you give your girlfriend to sleep in as a “bullshit shirt” too. Because for some reason, your “scent” just really gets them going. So once that shirt goes on, you will NOT being seeing it again. (Hope it was worth it)


How often do you wear bullshit shirts? What kind of bullshit shirts do you have in your repertoire? Let me know in the comments section below!

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