The Chicago Bulls Lost By 56 Points To The Boston Celtics, And I’m Relinquishing My Fandom

Do you remember that amazing franchise of the 1990’s that won six championships, which consisted of two three-peats? Remember the sheer DOMINANCE that that team brought in 1995-96 when they set the single season record with 72 regular season wins that stood tall for twenty years?

That franchise is named the Chicago Bulls, and THAT FRANCHISE just lost by a franchise RECORD 56 points against the Boston Celtics this past Saturday (12/8).

Now I know, this isn’t the same Bulls team that played in the 90’s. Hell, a majority of the guys on the roster today were probably still in diapers at that time. But the fact of the matter is this organization has fallen DRASTICALLY since it’s hey-day.

I mean, just look at their performance from Saturday.

You could say I was almost “forced” to watch this calamity of errors when I was at the bar that night. I mean, I knew from the get-go that they were not pulling out a W; but I had NO IDEA that it would end that badly. I mean, did they ACTUALLY play defense?

But the moment I knew it was all over was when they went six+ minutes without scoring a point in the first quarter. Hang on, let me break that down a little more; THEY WENT HALF OF A QUARTER WITHOUT SCORING A DAMN POINT! And in that span, the Celtics put up the first 17 points of the game.

I do have to give them credit, because Jabari Parker did stop the bleeding when he made two free-throws to cut the deficit to fifteen points. And when that happened, I celebrated like they WON THE GAME. I bought shots, and was just (sarcastically) ecstatic for the next few seconds. After that, I was completely oblivious to the game entirely.

Thankfully, there was college basketball on the other televisions. #BetterBasketball

But with this, the 6-21 record they currently have, and all of the (alleged) drama surrounding the team after this loss, I have OFFICIALLY relinquished my fandom. This soap-opera, poor basketball playing bullshit, is getting old, and I’m officially DONE! Call me again when they actually have a chance to finish the season at .500.


But what are your thoughts on the Bulls as a whole? Do you think they have a future with what there is now? Let me know in the comments section below.


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