Snackage After Close: Orange Chicken With Rice

Today, it’s time to stuff my face once again. Today, it’s time for……….Orange Chicken!

A couple of questions for you though; have you ever had Orange Chicken before? Have you ever LIVED?

If you answered no to the first question, then you are incorrect on the second. If you answered no to both questions……………well then I don’t know. You must be a ghost, or a zombie, or something……I don’t know?

Anyway, I actually tried to make this meal a few days ago. And when I was cooking, I had absolutely NO confidence in what I was going  to be putting on the plate. This was going to be my first shot at cooking something extensive like this. And when I say “extensive,” I mean it was a little more complicated than making a deli sandwich, or pouring cereal in milk.

But it was fantastic, and it was SO SIMPLE to make. All you literally have to do is mix the orange juice, zest, and other ingredients in a bowl, throw it in a pan, and heat it up until you have a nice glaze. Then, you just cook the chicken, and then mix it with the sauce. Finish by laying it over a bed of rice and PERFECTION!

The one common problem to keep an eye out for is when you are cooking the glaze. If you are not paying attention, then it will begin to harden up to almost a paste. Now if that happens, don’t fret, and don’t get mad; just throw some chicken stock in the pan to change the consistency around. (Shout Out To My Parents For That Tip)

When it comes to beer however, this is a type of meal where you can drink whatever brew you want; especially if you are cooking it yourself and not ordering in. Personally, a nice pilsner would be perfect if you are trying to match the lighter taste of the orange. But if you are into the heavier stouts and porters, then by all means, drink up!


What are your thoughts on Orange Chicken? Do you have any recipes or stories of your own? Let me know in the comments section below!

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