Are You Offended?

Let’s face it, for those who know me, this kind of article was inevitable. Nowadays, everything is offensive. You can’t walk down the street or, more likely, scroll through social media, without coming across someone who is offended by something. No matter if it is a product, a show, or a person; people seem to be offended by everything these days. People are even offended by a particular Christmas song….and now that I said ‘Christmas’ someone is offended…

Look, I’m not here to tell you that you shouldn’t be offended. That is your right! Just like it is my right to not care that you are offended. In fact, I would bet that most people don’t give a crap that other people find things offensive. This is including family members of the people who are offended…bring this up at your next big family party and just watch the fun!

What I am getting at is; as everything becomes offensive and we then shield ourselves from those offensive things, we become more and more isolated and more cynical of other people. This results in anger, depression, rage, paranoia, and a wide range of other symptoms…no wonder the pharmaceutical industry is worth so much.

You see, we have systematically shut ourselves out of real life. All the information we consume reflects our own biases…I blame the internet, as it has made us more “informed,” it has driven us further and further apart on a social level. 

And before you get all jumpy, we all have our own biases in everything! From politics to sports teams, from news broadcast companies to whose kid could kick the other kid’s butt on the playground…mine, my kid will always win… You see, all these viewpoints and beliefs matter, but they only matter to the person that holds them. Not everyone is going to have the same viewpoints or beliefs and that is OK! What really matters is being able to hold an intelligent and civil conversation with someone with the same or…dare I say it…an opposing viewpoint. These conversations shouldn’t devolve into hurtful words being thrown back and forth, or one person’s view being shoved down the other’s throat.

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Let me boil it down to the basics:

What you should do:

  1. Treat everyone the same way you would like to be treated. (Golden rule)
  2. Respect one another and their right to hold their own opinions and beliefs.
  3. Have a civilized conversation with those you do not agree with.
  4. Before you judge anyone, remember this old saying: People who live in glasses houses should not throw stonesyou know what that means? No one is perfect and before you go jumping on someone for something they said or did (within reason) you should look at yourself and see that they, like you, are human and flawed.

What you should not do:

  1. Harshly and violently present your thoughts and beliefs as if they are the only correct answer.
  2. Scream and shut down everything you see as being wrong or “bad”.
  3. Have every conversation revolve around one particular topic or viewpoint of one topic.


Always remember, it is your right to be offended just like it is other peoples’ right not to care that you are.

If you found this offensive…good for you cupcake!


P.S. The cupcake has gluten in it. ha ha




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