Late Night Drinking Thoughts 4

My mind is always racing, and my alcohol is my fuel. It allows me to access the inner workings of my brain, pull the important deep thoughts from the depths of my mind, and show them to the world.

(What the actual F**K am I talking about?)

Anyway, I’m back with more stupid thoughts that flow from that thing between my ears while I am drinking. Can’t believe that I am four editions through, and I thank everyone for following it so far. But before you dive into this “literary masterpiece” (I wish), make sure you catch up on the last three issues of the series:

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Why do people get so stressed when shopping during the holidays? This is just something I will never understand for the life of me. This entire holiday season, all I’ve seen across social media was various memes and posts regarding how people were “too stressed” to go shopping for their loved ones.

WHAT ARE YOU STRESSED ABOUT? Making sure that you are getting that “right gift” for your family? Are you scared that Aunt Cheryl is going to throw a fit in the middle of dinner and toss that new pair of black and red slippers in your face?

First off, if ANY of your family members is an Aunt Cheryl, then they are just the PUREST FORM of asshole.

But regardless, literally just buy what you think they need/want, and throw a gift receipt in there. If they are not an “Aunt Cheryl,” then they’ll at least be nice about it and take the gift back without you knowing. BOOM, no one’s feelings get hurt. #ProblemSolved


EVERY SINGLE TIME, I forget that the space bar on my computer will pause a video. I mean every single time someone needs to ask me a question, I am always scrambling to click the pause button on the side of the video that I am watching/listening to.

Let me explain though; throughout the last few years, I would listen to podcasts and funny standup videos on the internet while I wrote my articles. But WHENEVER someone would need to say something to me, I would stupidly tell them to “hold on” while I searched for the pause button on the screen.

My friends tried to correct that, because EVERY SINGLE TIME I forgot about the space bar in college, I would be laughed at and corrected by my friends. The problem here though is that I continue to forget about it to this day.

One of these days, I’m just going to tape a note that says “pause video” to my space bar. Then maybe my stupidity will subside.


Do you have any “Drunk Thoughts” you would like to share? What are your thoughts on what I have to say? Let me know in the comments section below!

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