Football!!! V.S. Ancient​ Rome

the coliseum

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Let me be completely honest, I am not much of a sports person. I would say I am just below your average football fan.

That being said, out of all the sports in the world to watch, I would say American football ranks second in my ‘will watch if nothing else is on’ list and with the quality of movies and TV shows that are out, I find myself paying ALOT more attention to this sport as time goes on…Take that Meryl Streep!

I like football! There is something about seeing two teams go head to head in the heat of battle. It is a battle, where each person is decked out in extreme amounts of protective padding. It’s almost like these individuals are test people in car safety programs, and not actually playing a game.

I’m getting ahead of myself here…football is like the modern version of gladiators, and the stadiums are their Roman Coliseum.

But, when the hell did the game become so soft?! Back in the 1980s ‘Da Bears’ were LEGIT “Monsters.” The defensive line was so well known and so effective that when asked who he would like to have on his defense, John Madden said the ’85 Chicago Bears.

I bring up the ’85 Bears not because I think they are the greatest…my opinion on that level doesn’t mean anything, because again, I don’t see myself on the same level as your average sports fan. However what I do know is, the game has changed a lot since then. Now that is to be expected after all; it has been over 30 years since the “Greatest Defense” took the field. But it has changed and, in my opinion, not for the better. Football was once filled with not only amazing players, but amazing plays that you just don’t see anymore because of the strict rule changes.

football stadium during night

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At one time, players were able to carry their tackles back several yards. I mean, pick them up and slam them to the ground like the opposing player was just a plaything. Back then, the play wasn’t over until the whistle blew; so until that sound was heard, whoever had the ball is getting hit again and again. The defense was actually allowed to PLAY DEFENSE back in the day.

Now, you may be looking at that last paragraph and thinking ‘yes, that was back in the barbaric days. The game is much more civilized now.’ To that, I say why? Because you are worried about players’ safety? I remember kids used to do the same thing…without padding…back when kids did go outside and had pick-up games. So if kids could do it, why can’t the pros do it? Please don’t give me that ‘they are refined professionals.’ Malarky! Some of these players are getting paid millions and MILLIONS of dollars every year…for that reason along with the fact that they are there for my entertainment, I would like to see a little less fluff ball and a little more down in the dirt, good ole American Football! And don’t tell me no one wants to see that kind of ‘violence’…if that is the case then we wouldn’t have the UFC.

You know what, if anything, keep football the way it is. Just pay all the players significantly less for every loss in yardage, or fine them for the obnoxious on-field celebrations. That is their job, act like you have been there before!

While we are on the topic, because I am not sure when I will ever cover sports like this again; it really drives me up the wall when people say ‘oh *insert name of player here* just had an off game.’ Excuse me, but these are professional players! This is their career, something they get paid to spend a majority of their life doing. Let me put it this way; is it ok for a heart surgeon to have an off day when someone’s life is literally in their hands? I would think not! So why is ok for a player, of any professional sport, to have an off day? I know no real lives are on the line; but they have the title ‘professional athlete.’ And for the amount these players get paid, I would expect them not to have an off game.

But then again, what do I know? Maybe that colored piece of metal that the winning team gets at the end of the season is worth all of the money we put into these teams for them to keep operating.


From a guy who wishes he could get paid millions to play a game,


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