New Years’ Resolutions Are A Load Of GARBAGE!

It’s the New Year ladies and gentlemen, and that means one thing; the damn “New Years’ Resolution” goons are out and about. They’re wandering the streets, spouting their “New Year, New Me” promises that they are making for 2019. It’s like a constant string of fake positivity that fades away come late March/early April.

And these resolutions come in many shapes and sizes. But the most popular resolution that springs it’s head come January 1st is; “I’m going to hit the gym more.” And you know the people that I am talking about; the ones that CLOG the gym between the 1st of the year and mid-March with the thought that they will better themselves and become a “happier and healthier them.”

Now, I’m not saying that I am a gym rat under ANY stretch of the imagination. All I’m saying is when gyms make a large amount of their money on “January Sign-Ups,” it just goes to show that New Years’ Resolutions aren’t really worth much.

Then, you have the hopeless romantics. You have the people that think that this upcoming year is “their year” to find the person of their DREAMS. They believe that they have the opportunity to find someone who they can spend the rest of their lives with. Exhibit A: this moron shown below;

This idiot has tweeted this response every year for the past three years. And THIS IDIOT hasn’t seen anything happen through those three years, mainly due to sheer laziness, but I digress. (But still, ladies, shoot your shot. 😉

Once again, resolutions are BS!

But hey, maybe I’m just a skeptic. Maybe I just haven’t embraced the thought of having a “New Years Resolution?” Maybe I need to see the light, and really make a New Years’ Resolution to strive for.

Or maybe, just maybe, I’m right? And all of this is just a load of crap that falls by the wayside quicker than a trending topic on social media?

You be the judge!


What are your thoughts on New Years’ Resolutions? Are they worth it? Or are they BS? Let me know in the comments section below!

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