DON’T Offer Drinks On Someone Else’s Dime

Trust me, this is one of the WORST things you can do at a cash bar.

Picture the situation with me; you are sitting around the table with your chums, enjoying dinner and a couple of cold ones. Your friend finishes off his beer and is preparing to make a run to the bar to get another one.

He stands up, and before he can get a word out of his mouth, you decide to announce to the table; “Hey guys, he’s going to buy everyone drinks. Who wants one?” Now your buddy is stunned; stuck in a situation with no escape plan to it. On one hand, he doesn’t want to say no and sound like a douchebag to the rest of the table. But on the other hand, he never really offered to buy a round for the table.

“I guess I’ll have one,” one member of the table says. “Me too,” another announces. Both responses had a bit of nervousness to them, since they didn’t really hear him say he was buying a round. But since they’ve already thrown a few back, another brew to wet their whistle sounded like a good idea.

Now, for the buddy, he shouldn’t be mad at the two that asked for a drink. It was loud in the bar, and they were in the middle of their own conversation as well. They were just going with the flow.

However, don’t try to act like a fool when your buddy is pissed at you for a while. That is a bullshit move to pull! Beer money is a sacred thing in society, and to just throw a person under the bus like that has ALL the makings of a collapsed society.

I mean, what’s next? Chicks start going up to random tables at a club and telling them their boyfriend will buy them a round cause he just got a raise at work? Where does the bullshit end???

For goodness sakes, just leave the generosity to the person and their own wallet. If they want to be generous and buy a round, then let them. If they don’t, then pipe down, and buy your own damn drink. You shouldn’t be putting them in a lose-lose situation like that.


What are your thoughts on the situation though? Has this ever happened to you? Let me know in the comments section below.

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