Bears Playoff Hopes Dashed

Obviously, I should have posted an article the other night about the Bears devastating defeat at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles. Trust me, I did have one, and I was a few seconds away from publishing it. But I wanted to wait a bit so that I had a much clearer head when writing.

Throughout that particular article, all I did was bash Cody Parkey; saying that he should have made that kick, recounting his struggles from this year, and talking about the contract that he’s currently signed to.

The problem with that original article was I didn’t feel right posting it. It was filled with emotion and anger; I didn’t want to add fuel to the hatred. It was basically just a reiteration of almost everything you’ve seen on social media already. So all I’m going to say about Cody Parkey is that he f**ked up, and he probably won’t be with the team next season. Tip or no tip, he just never hit his stride all season.

Overall however, the Bears just didn’t have a great game. This is a team filled with young talent, and many of them haven’t seen the bright lights of the playoffs before. And personally, I think that showed in some of them.

The defense, for one, played how they should have. They only gave up two touchdowns to the defending champions throughout the entire contest; they did their job.

The offense however, wasn’t so fortunate. The rushing attack was absolutely SHUT DOWN; which meant they had to rely heavily on the pass. Trubisky, to give him credit, didn’t do a horrible job. He more or less showed his “game manager” chops by not making too many crucial mistakes that could cost his team.

However, you can tell he is still rather inexperienced. There were some passes that he shouldn’t have made, and there are some passes that he had NO BUSINESS making. He’ll grow out of this with time, and be able to lead an offense a little more smoothly.

Overall, it just didn’t look like they were prepared for this game. They were lucky to still be in it in the fourth, because MANY missed opportunities from both sides kept it close. But in the end, it was that one kick…….that changed the game.


What were your thoughts on the game last night? Let me know in the comments section below.

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