When Your Friend Wants A Free Burrito…..

Everyone loves the word “free,” don’t they? This is especially true when it comes to food! If you can get free food on a Friday or Saturday night, then you can focus the rest of your assets on your brewskis.

Sometimes though, getting this “free food” takes some work. And you need to have the confidence and determination in that work in order to obtain your free food.

I was a witness to this “determination” this past weekend at a local Mexican Restaurant. C.S. and I wanted to get a few drinks, grab some food, and take a little break from our writing for a bit. This is one of our favorite spots to gorge ourselves, while getting hammered off of various beers and margaritas.

(Yes, we like to change our drinking up a bit. What’s wrong with that?)

Anyway, I decided to get the “Classic Burrito” that they offered, which was covered with queso and had beans and rice on the side. But C.S. ON THE OTHER HAND, he was ready to go OFF on the biggest burrito they had. It was so big, that it lead to a “bet” between the floor manager, the waitress, and himself.

When we received our food, C.S. made a joke to get the two of them laughing, asking; “So do I get a T-Shirt if I finish this?” They laughed, but then proceeded to throw down their own challenge to my rather confident friend.

“You know, we have our challenge that we do. We’ve never seen ANYONE finish the entire plate before. So if you wipe it clean tonight, it’s free.”

My friend C.S. was EXUDING confidence at this point. Without missing a beat, he looks at the two of them and says; “You’re on.” He then begins to dive into his meal like his life depended on it.

I was rather impressed how far C.S. got with his meal before he started to hit that dreaded “wall.” And you know that moment when you or a friend SMACKS right into the “wall.” The person starts to sit back, their shoulders sometimes square up a bit and aren’t hunched over the food, and the timing of each bite is spaced out.

I noticed these signs, and looked over at his plate. The beans and rice were GONE, and all that was left was what looked like two corners of the burrito. It was such a minuscule amount, that he began to (jokingly) get annoyed at himself.

Being a good friend, I did commend him on how much he ate. I also told him to not feel like he had to eat the rest of it; (mainly because I didn’t want to be in the splash zone for the “C.S. Typhoon Of Puke”).

Having said that, I did have a little bit of fun at his expense, as any good friend should. I would ask questions like; “You gonna need me to roll you out of here?” And; “What would happen if I just punched you in the gut really hard?”

But fast forward a bit; the COOLEST part of the night had to be when the bill came. The floor manager saw that he came SO CLOSE to finishing everything on the plate, and was nice enough to give it to him for free anyway. The man…….no, the LEGEND of C.S. was crafted in front of our very eyes that night. He may have come up short in defeating that dreaded burrito. But in the end, he still accomplished the one true goal he set out for. #FreeBurrito

(And yes, we did tip HIGH!)

Now if you will excuse me please, I have to go talk to my plumber about the damages to my toilet. (Thanks C.S.)


Have you ever had a friend try one of these eating challenges before? Have YOU ever attempted an eating challenge? Let me know in the comments section below.

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