Snackage After Close: My Daily Deli Sandwich

Since “Snackage After Close” came to fruition, I’ve brought you various delectable meals that I was craving during my closing shifts at work. I’ve talked about wings, sushi, shrimp dishes, and everything in between. Hell, I even brought you my own random concoctions like The Beer/Whiskey Combo.

But now, I want to take a step back with this one. This particular sandwich is a STAPLE for me in my every day life. It’s what I have almost every day for lunch, and it’s the PERFECT go-to for if I’m really hungry.

So for my sandwich, I always start with a sandwich roll. Just right out of the bag, sliced length wise down the center, nothing much to it. I use rolls because I can’t get myself to have a deli sandwich on regular wheat bread. I know other people do it on a normal basis, but it’s just one of those random day-to-day life situations that I will never understand.

Then, I begin to pile the buffalo chicken onto the bottom part of the roll. Everyone has their own preferences on how thick they want their deli meat sliced; but I sure as hell need it THIN. Because when I think of thick deli meat, I just think of a brick of ham being smooshed between two pieces of bread.

(A little extreme, but you get the point).

Anyway, next addition to our masterpiece is Swiss cheese, plain and simple. Then for the condiments; a nice, generous helping of Sriracha Mayo really does the trick. You don’t want to be excessive so that it overpowers everything else, but you also want to make sure that it’s making it’s presence KNOWN.

Finally, to finish off your masterpiece, give the sandwich a nice sprinkle of garlic powder across the top portion of the roll. Let it commingle with the mayo to create a strong, spicy, and creamy topping to your sandwich that is SURE to turn some heads in the break room.

Then as a beverage, I’m not going to promote drinking on the job with your sandwich. (What do you think I am, an idiot?) So if I’m at work, I always try to have a nice cola to wash everything down. For some reason, a bottle of water just takes away from the overall taste of the sandwich.

Now if you are not at work, go with a cheap light beer to wash it down. Since a deli sandwich is more often a lighter food source, the lighter brew will definitely pair well with it.


What are your thoughts on my everyday deli sandwich? Do you have any particular sandwiches of your own? Let me know in the comments section below.

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