Nightclubs Are Literally The Most Annoying Place On Earth!

Some say that I am an old soul, and that is why I don’t enjoy alot of the same things that other millennials enjoy. And if you think about it, these people are right in a way.

However, I don’t think this dislike for nightclubs comes from my “old soul.” This dislike for nightclubs just comes from the fact that they are the most ANNOYING places on earth. It’s a personal hatred that I have, and it’s why I will never step foot inside one of them.

For one, the music is WAY TO LOUD! (Excuse me while I get my walker). But I’m serious when I say this; people are literally standing around grinding up on each other while the same baseline plays over and OVER again. How the hell are you supposed to meet new people when you can’t even have a conversation with them?

Then, you have the people. OH LORD, all of the people. Depending on the club, you will more than likely be shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of loud, sweaty “toolbags” that you don’t know. Good luck trying to get to the bar, or even the bathroom; I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes you around 20 minutes to find either one.

Personally, I would rather just have a nice “old school” bar instead of these headache inducing, overrated, overhyped, (possibly semen filled) nightclubs. I just want to be able to sit at the counter, grab my drink, and relax. If they got music on, fine! Normally, it’s not that loud and the song selections are perfect. If they have a game on, FANTASTIC! I’ll have a choice of either talking to people, or just enjoying a beer while I watch the Bulls get spanked for the umpteenth time.

(It’s basketball season, I don’t have that much to work with.)

Now if you like nightclubs, by all means do your thing. I’m just not about to waste $10 on a cover, and lose my voice trying to order a $6 beer that I can get thirty of for $13 at the store.


I want to hear your thoughts on nightclubs though. Am I accurate at all? Have you had any stories or experiences from nightclubs? Let me know in the comments section below.

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