Snackage After Close: Pulled Pork Sliders With Cole Slaw

Looks like we have a trend going now, don’t we? I mean, I try my best to get you one of these any time I close, and the last few have been on a Friday. Hopefully that doesn’t continue, but we’ll see….

Anyway, I’m craving sliders right now!

First off, every good slider needs the right bun. You can’t have those thin, crispy slices of bread that fall apart with each bite. All the ingredients in your sandwich will just begin to fall out, and you’ll end up eating everything with a fork in the end.

INSTEAD, choose the light and fluffy buns that can normally be found on the little shelves in front of the deli. Because, I mean, who doesn’t like a nice pair of “fluffy buns?”

(I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I digress…..)

Anyway, next, you need to cook your pulled pork. Remember, this is the STAR of your dish! If you screw this up, then the whole batch of sandwiches is RUINED!

The best way to protect from overcooking would be to cook low and slow. You need to let the meat chill in it’s juices, making sure that it doesn’t come out tough and gross. This can include various barbecue sauces that you want, but just remember that you will be adding cole slaw on top later. So don’t add a sauce that will end up negatively mixing with it.

Speaking of slaw, this is another one that you need to be careful with. Because depending on the slaw, there’s a possibility that you can make it “too sour.” And when you make things too sour, then it will over power what ever else you are doing.

Having said that, slaw on top of pulled pork is just all kinds of FANTASTIC! That acidity the slaw brings mixed with the heartiness of the meat provides a multitude of flavors for your pallet to enjoy. It brings new life to a classic dish, and will surely bring new life to your recipe book.

To top it all off, the beer. YES, you always need a beer with a “Snackage After Close” meal. And the best selection would be a nice pilsner, or ale, to pair with the light flavors of the slaw. You can get a heartier beer, like a stout, as well. But in my humble opinion, you will end up finding more success matching the beer to the slaw than the other way around.


What are your thoughts on the latest edition of “Snackage After Close?” Do you have any recipes of your own? Let us know in the comments section below!

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