How The HELL Do You Miss That Call?

In the first game on Sunday, we had veteran Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints taking on 3rd year pro Jared Goff and the Los Angeles Rams. It was supposed to be the tale of time; the grizzled old vet vs. the young up-and-comer. However, one play at the end of the game changed EVERYTHING!

The game was tied near the end of the fourth quarter, and the Saints were marching down the field. Drew Brees tossed a pass toward Tommylee Lewis toward the sideline. Then out of NOWHERE, Nickell Robey-Coleman dropped Lewis with a BLATANT illegal hit. However, the flag was not thrown, and the Saints had to settle for a field goal.

Now, if you look up comments about this game on social media, I wouldn’t be surprised if you find alot of animosity toward the officiating staff on duty. That was BY FAR one of the worst calls that I have seen in recent memory. Lewis didn’t even have the ball, and Robey-Coleman runs straight into him and lights him up! You could LITERALLY pick a common penalty on a receiver out of a hat and find reason to call it.

This summer, the competition committee needs to revisit this! They need to revisit the rules, how the game is run; SOMETHING to make sure that a major game isn’t ruined or altered by a controversial call. We shouldn’t have to worry about this in a professional league, and it needs to be fixed.


What were your thoughts on the Rams vs. Saints game? Let me know in the comments section below.

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