Whatever Happened To Basketball At The Park?

If you get a chance, take a drive past your local park or communal parking lot. When you get there, you will most likely see a large pole with a curve at the top. Attached to that curve, there is normally a large flat piece of plastic or glass with a metal circle sticking out of it.

basketball hoop on court

Photo by Daniel absi on Pexels.com

For you “youngins” that haven’t seen the light of day the last few years due to video games, that is called a basketball hoop. And you shoot basketballs up at it to score points. No joysticks or animations needed; all you need is a group of buds, a ball, and a nice sunny day.

The problem though is, these outdoor courts have become close to a BARREN WASTELAND in recent years. We see loose nets blowing in the wind, and leaves skipping across the ground as the hoops begin to rust away through time. In some towns, I wouldn’t be surprised if a tumbleweed rolled past the free-throw line.

Park basketball was almost like a “right of passage” in some communities. Folks congregated in large groups at the outdoor courts to just play pickup games for hours on end. You can either make it super “cut-throat” where everyone is serious about the outcome, or a party because you love the sport.

Now granted, the reason I don’t see these courts being used alot could be due to the town I live in. For all I know, there could have been THOUSANDS of outdoor games going on today alone. But, we need to boost that number up. Get these kids out of the house and teach them what a three-pointer is. Show them that it’s not as easy as Steph Curry makes it in the video game. In the long run, it will be good for them.


What are your thoughts on outdoor parks? Do you still use them? And if you have kids, how long has it been since they visited one? Let me know in the comments section below.

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