The Delightful Deli Customer

And we are back at the deli, just like a previous article of mine; The Deli Dilemma. Only THIS TIME, a crazy customer had something idiotic to say TO ME!

A couple of days ago, I was visiting the local deli, picking up various meats and cheeses for sandwiches during the week. I walked toward the counter and observed what was going on for a second; there were not alot of people around, so the employees behind the counter were just calling customers one at a time. So, falling in with the trend, I just stood there and waited my turn.

After standing there for a brief moment, a short, older woman reached past me and takes one of the numbers from the deli ticket machine. I didn’t think anything of it, because none of the other patrons of the deli were taking one. Then, roughly five to ten seconds after she selected a number, one of the women behind the counter called me over. To the dismay of the short woman that actually took a number, she was actually not next.

The best part about this was that this lady was called up SECONDS after me. She hardly had to wait for a turn at the counter. BUT did she have something to say about me going first? (You’re damn right she did!) Because as I was waiting for the associate taking care of me to come back, the short lady decided to lean over to me and say; “You know you cut in front of me, right?”

Me, not really giving a shit in this scenario, just turned to her and said; “Whoops, my bad!” I wasn’t about to get into this long winded argument with her about how she didn’t have to wait that long. I just simply kept my mouth shut.

Fast forward to when I was ordering my deli meat; the type that I had asked for was apparently one that they did not sell. The associate behind the counter explained to me that they had that kind, but for turkey, or they had a different kind of chicken which was similar. I just asked to go with the chicken in the hopes of salvaging this shopping trip.

Once the associate went to start slicing the meat, THIS WOMAN decided to speak up YET AGAIN about something that wasn’t her business. She leaned over and said; “Ya know, you should really know what you are ordering before you get up to the counter, hun.”

For the record, the “hun” is where I lost it. That ONE WORD changed what I was going to say to her COMPLETELY!

I looked at this woman, with the biggest grin on my face, and I said; “How about you mind your own damn business?”

Now I get it, stooping down to her level was not the right thing to do. I should have just taken the high road and completely ignored her childlike behavior. BUT, sometimes, you just have to speak the truth.


What are your thoughts on how she acted? Would you ever treat someone like that out in public? Let me know in the comments section below.

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