I’m DONE With The Big TV Providers

Do me a favor; think about the TV provider that you have. Think about the price that you pay, and the quality of your experience with this company. Are you happy with them? Do you believe that they are doing a good job?

Mine wasn’t, so now they are HISTORY!

I would rather not disclose the name of my previous television provider, but I wanted to share the story of what occurred.

So roughly a week ago, the cable went out at our house. At first it wasn’t a big deal; we could go a few days without TV. All we thought we needed to do was give them a call, and they would be able to fix it over the phone. And if they couldn’t fix it over the phone, then they would send a technician out to our house in a couple of days.

That, my friends, is where we were wrong.

The woman that I worked with was as nice as can be. She tried every single trick in the book to try and get our system working remotely. Unfortunately, all of her efforts did not work, and we had to schedule an appointment with the technician.

You will NEVER believe the earliest opening they had for a technician to come to my house! She told me that the first opening available was the first Monday in February between 12pm and 4pm. Once she said that, I paused slightly and looked at my phone. I pressed it back to my ear and told the woman; “Ma’am, you know that’s the day after the biggest game of the year? Literally EVERY sports fan and their mother will need their TV that night.”

We went back and forth about it, and I just gave up because there was no getting through at that point. So I just said ok and hung up the phone.

That, my friends, was the end of my time with these people. That, my friends, is where we cut ties with the “big guys.” And after careful research, we found a FANTASTIC replacement for what we had before.


Do you have any problems with your television providers? Are you looking to switch? Let me know in the comments section below!

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