The Introduction Of The DH To The NL Will Be A MAJOR Step Back!

Fans nowadays are probably reading this and thinking; “Wow, what a baseball purest answer!” But I truly believe this; the introduction of a DH would be a MAJOR step back for the National League.

As many of you may know, the American League has been the only one with the DH in the majors for YEARS. And because of that, games have been altered to fit that difference in the two leagues styles of play; such as determining if a designated hitter will be used based on home field advantage.

Personally, I enjoy not having a designated hitter in the lineup every game. I like seeing the strategy at work when it comes to the pitchers’ spot, and how to work around it. This aspect is what makes baseball interesting and enjoyable to watch.

To put this into perspective, think of all the goofy stuff that Joe Maddon pulls during games. Whether it’s a classic sac-bunt, or even a squeeze play that scores the runner from third; there is always something interesting in the works.

But with the addition of a DH, we may begin to see less of those plays.

Honestly, I think the reason behind this idea would be the changing landscape of the baseball fanbases. With the “instant gratification” generation in full swing, they can’t sit through an entire nine-inning baseball game. Their attention spans have begun to dwindle, and they just don’t find the game as interesting.

This is where the DH in the NL comes into play. You are adding another experienced batter to the other half of your league, with the hopes of adding more runs on average and “hopefully” put more butts in seats.

Now I get it, all businesses need to adapt to the times. They need to make large decisions to help adjust to their ever-changing market. And that’s what this is, a BUSINESS DECISION.

In the end, hopefully this turns into a “necessary evil” to keep baseball popular in the United States. This is such a beautiful game, and it would be a shame to see it dwindle away.


What are your thoughts on the NL possibly adopting the designated hitter? Let me know in the comments section below!

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