It’s Astonishing To Me That Follows/Unfollows On Social Media Are A “Big Thing” Nowadays!

Ok, my “old soul” is showing again. But after hearing about this today, I HAD to talk about it here.

Do me a favor, check your social media accounts real quick. How many followers do you have? How many people are you following? Are you following parents, relatives, significant others? Or is it just celebrities, and funny accounts that create memes?

Apparently, “follows” have become the make-or-break factor in our society for individuals. It signals aspects such as popularity, and friendship. But sadly, it has begun to signal the “end” of something.

I bring this up because I had the “pleasure” of listening to someone’s sob story at the bar the other day. This woman and her friend were sitting about a chair away from me, and she would NOT SHUT UP about her ex. It got to the point where my beer actually began to taste bad, and I had to switch to another one.

But, through all of the complaining, her friend did ask; “Did you unfollow him? PLEASE tell me you unfollowed him.” The woman took a dramatic pause, like she was talking about a family member who passed away. Then, she said with a weep; “…..yes.” Her friend proceeds to gasp in shock, followed by a “YOU GO GIRL!”

You go girl? Since when has something as minuscule as “follows” on a social media account mattered so much in our lives? It’s ridiculous! We let something so petty and minute, that has absolutely NOTHING to do with our everyday lives, shape who we are as people.

What they should be celebrating is her being out of a toxic relationship. What they should be celebrating is her erasing a horrible person from her life; burning pictures, selling the gifts he gave her, etc…

And guys are no different in this situation, trust me. But normally a night of heavy drinking and shenanigans will do the trick.

In the end; no, I’m not saying that deleting an ex from your social media account is something to overlook. In fact, it’s probably one of the best ways to keep from seeing them on a daily basis. But, you shouldn’t make it the “be all, end all” of everything.


What are your thoughts on social media having too much importance in our relationships? Let me know in the comments section below.

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