Students Getting Drunk Off Vanilla Extract, School Warns — CBS Cleveland

ATLANTA (CBS Local) — A high school in Atlanta has issued a warning to parents that students are using popular baking ingredients to get drunk. 153 more words

via Students Getting Drunk Off Vanilla Extract, School Warns — CBS Cleveland


Wait, What?

(It’s time for Kellen to break out his walker again.)

I feel like I need to have a better grasp on the situation at hand. So what I am learning from these kids is that if I mix vanilla extract with my coffee, I can have a buzz similar to drinking alcohol?

If that’s the case, WHERE IN THE HELL are they learning this information? Is there a stupid kid seminar every Thursday at 7:15pm where they get together and conjure up moronic ideas?

And how do they stand the taste of that crap? I mean it’s such a strong taste, that I would be surprised if anyone can handle more than a drop or two at a time. It’s so concentrated and potent, that it makes me gag just thinking about it.

But in all seriousness; kids are dumb, but damnit they are creative. I mean to understand the alcoholic properties of vanilla extract takes some real research, as well as trial and error. (What if they could focus that creative energy on something that is actually useful?)

(Not saying that I condone this type of behavior, just stating a point.)

Anyway, to the parents that are currently reading about this, just know that you can’t escape the wacky plans and ideas that your kids will have. All you can really do is teach them the right things, steer them on the path of success, and most importantly………PARENT THEM!


What are your thoughts on this new trend? Let me know in the comments section below.

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