The Perfect Morning

We all have that perfect morning that sits in the back of our minds. We all have that perfect morning that we dream about; that morning where we can sit back, take a deep breath, and say; “This……is perfection.”

Picture this with me folks, because we are about to go on a trip here. You are walking down the stairs after getting up WITHOUT an alarm; (yes, you read that right……NO ALARM). The smell of bacon and eggs is wafting through the air, and you can hear the sounds of a morning sports talk show echoing down the hallway.

When you enter the kitchen, your lovely wife is sitting down, sipping on a cup of coffee and reading the sports section. She looks up and says; “Good morning sweetie!’

“Honey, this is so nice of you,” you say while taking a seat at the table. “What is the occasion?”

“No occasion at all. Just wanted to do something nice for you after everything you’ve done for me!”

She places the plate in front of you, the pleasant aroma smacking you square in the nose. And with sports highlights on the tv, you dig into the delicious breakfast. While you eat, she sits across from you with breakfast of her own.

But as the food on your plate begins to vanish, you notice various random black lines appearing on the plate. At first, you shrug it off and continue eating, thinking that it’s just a design. But once the food is all gone, the entire picture is revealed, as clear as day.

“My Mother Will Be Staying With Us Next Week.”

Well shit, I knew this was too good to be true!


A “perfect morning” may be a stretch, but you should still always enjoy every moment you get in life.

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