Who’s Better For The Bears; Justin Houston Or Le’Veon Bell?

After the Antonio Brown trade, it got me thinking of the other big names on the “market.”  And the two that came to mind were OLB Justin Houston and RB Le’Veon Bell. But, if I had the choice, who would be the best fit for the Chicago Bears?

To start, let’s take the contract talk off the table. Both Houston and Bell are going to yield very expensive contracts, and the Bears would need extra space in order to bring either one of them on.

This leads to the question, who would they need more?

Justin Houston

Well, we all know that Justin Houston is a STRONG pass rusher who brought alot of pressure off the edge in Kansas City. In 2014, he lead the lead in sacks with 22, which inevitably lead to his massive contract the following year.

If it happened, Houston would be joining arguably the best defense in the league as of last year. He’d be teaming with the likes of Khalil Mack and Leonard Floyd to create the BEST pass-rush in the entire league.

The problem however is, the Bears had arguably the BEST defense in the league last year. They already have the best pass rush out there, and the addition of Houston would just put them over the top. Really not a necessity, but wouldn’t hurt.


Le’Veon Bell

Le’Veon Bell is without a doubt one of the top two rushers in the league right now. Even though he didn’t play last year due to a contract situation in Pittsburgh, there’s NO denying how great he is. Prior to last season, he had back-to-back years with 1,200+ rushing yards (while still missing five games in said years).

But if Bell came to Chicago, that would be the end of the Jordan Howard era FOR SURE! There’s no way that a roster can hold three great talents like that at once; (Bell, Cohen, and Howard). Plus, Howard would make a GREAT trade piece to acquire more assets for the team.

Not only that, Bell would give the offense a veteran presence in the ground game that can take away the attention from Trubisky a little more, thus aiding in his overall development as a professional quarterback.


Overall, I’d take Bell HANDS DOWN! If we are going to throw alot of money at one player this offseason, it needs to be on the offensive side of the ball. Granted, the defense still has room to improve; we don’t need to invest $100 million+ on another pass rusher.


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