A House Divided

Back in February, I saw a report by Philip Defranco on an Esquire Magazine feature called ” An American Boy”. Now I am not going to cover what was said in the article or much of what the article was about.

I’m not even going to cover much of the backlash Esquire has had because of the article’s subject and the person they chose to make the focus of the article. Instead, I want to concentrate on a tweet which Phil read by a twitter user.

The Twitter user posted a response which reads:

I get what Esquire was going for here but ooooooooooooh boy talk about failing to read the room.

Phil than responded to this tweet in the video saying,

” No, you are just reading your room…”

As Phil goes on to talk about his opinion, my mind started to wonder a little bit.

There is a great disconnect throughout the US right now. People are strongly taking up positions on one side or the other; and not just on this issue, but many others.

You hear it a lot, you are either for something or against something. You are right or left. Or to use the analogy given in the tweet and Phil’s video, “you are either in this room or that room.”

woman sitting inside a theater

Photo by Guilherme Almeida on Pexels.com

Things like this, in all honesty,  are nothing new. In fact, this is a part of the American way, and has been since we were founded. You have the right to believe what you want, AND you have the right to stand up for those beliefs. That is part of the reason we have the first amendment.

What isn’t part of the American way is NOT talking about it in a civilized manner. It is ok to have differing opinions on some major issues with strangers, friends, and even family. It is even ok to respectfully talk about the subjects if all parties are willing and able to conduct themselves in a civilized manner.

Let’s go back to the rooms analogy for a moment.

If we are all locked away in these rooms surrounded by people who believe the same things we do, then there is no way for civilization to grow together. There is something fundamentally wrong within these groups of rooms, or rather, there is something fundamentally wrong within this house.

As Abe Lincon once said, “a house divided amongst itself cannot stand.”

In closing, I am going to do what modern journalists hate doing because it wrecks their ratings. I am going to suggest a possible solution to this issue. I suggest that we try, and I mean really try, getting off our like-minded social media groups, turning off our right-wing and left-wing news shows and come together as Americans and talk respectfully and civilly. This will not fix the issue quickly, but it is a start. After all, it takes a long time to build something strong and only a short while to demolish it.

with respect,


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