The Great Student Shuffle

If you haven’t heard, roughly 46 high powered individuals (so far) are being accused for allegedly being a part of a major bribery and money laundering scam to help aid their kids in being accepted to various universities across the world. Special Agent Joe Bonavolonta went into detail about it in a press briefing on March 12, 2019.

Now, I may hear some of you say “What’s new? They have been doing stuff like this for years, such as paying for new buildings on campus or renovating an existing one.” Most, if not all of us would agree even that is a bit shady; but at least the school is getting something out of a situation like that. I mean, on the low-end, something like that would cost a few million. The scenario we are covering today however, is a little bit different.

Allegedly, these individuals were “donating” money to a “charity” organization run by a man named  William Singer, where they expected it was used to launder money to college officials. It is also believed that Singer allegedly doctored photos of the kid(s) to make them look like highly sought after student-athletes, even though they never played that sport before.

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So, what are my thoughts on this?

I can’t get over the idea that this was all run under the disguise of giving money to a charity! That means these parents not only snuck their kid into school, but it was tax deductible!!  Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

What should happen now?

Well, my inner college student is yelling “kick the kids out!” But, you can’t blame most of the kids, as they most likely didn’t know.  As for the parents, fine them in the amount of 4 years tuition and board. Then, take the money and put it into a scholarship for 50 or more students who actually earned the right to go to the schools.

That will not happen, but it’s a nice idea, isn’t it? The money will most likely go to the government in some way, shape, or form. As for the parents, they are currently facing some MAJOR heat for this; which reminds me of a quote from a very wise parental figure;

“With great power, comes great responsibility.”-Uncle Ben


From a former student who got in the tough way,



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