HangOver Holiday

St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone. As we all wake up today, some of us are ready to take on the day. While others are not so lucky. From stomach issues to the classic pounding headache, people are waking up today reaping what they sewed yesterday.

We here have a few tricks that may not cure a hangover, but they will at least make it more tolerable.

5. Bathroom Ritual:

You stink of last night’s events, time to get cleaned up! Quick! Run to the bathroom; relieve yourself. Moaning is ok here as this may feel better than anything you have ever done in your life. After you are done there, jump into a nice looooooonggg HOT shower. Now is the time to relax under the hot water, letting it run over the top of your head; makes your muscles feel more relaxed. Lastly, after cleaning yourself up in the shower; dry yourself off and brush your teeth and use some mouthwash. (no one likes a person with halitoses.)

4. Greasy Food:

Skillets, sausages, bacon, burgers, and so much more. There is nothing that tastes better than some greasy fast food/ diner food. These kinds of foods may not be good for your circulatory system, but they feel so darn good for the soul!

3. Pain Relief:

Your average strength pain relievers are good at this time. You have food in your stomach, so the medicine has something to help lessen the ‘blow’, so to speak, when it hits your stomach.

2. Sports Drinks:

Get those electro-lights back into your system! Your body is craving these as you more than likely sweated them out or expelled them out of your body in other ways last night…don’t think about that too much, you might need to go back to tip number 5.


It is the key to all life on Earth, and its the key to keeping yourself from drying up like a grape left out in the sun. You started today with water on the outside of your body, now it is time to get H2O into your body.

Calling in sick today,



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