The Way You Word Your Life Will Make EVERYTHING BETTER!

Let’s preface this article by saying; you shouldn’t outright LIE to get a girl to like you. You shouldn’t just walk up to them without a game plan and say something stupid like; “I’m the starting shortstop for the Arizona Diamondbacks.” Because guess what moron; unless she’s drunk off her ass, a quick search on the internet can prove you wrong.

But you should be more eloquent with your wording. You should take the truth, and STRETCH IT, so that you are basically not lying at all. It’s really quite simple, and I’m here to teach you all about it.

Remember, what you do for a living is the BIGGEST DRAW for someone to like you. Well, I should say second, cause looks is number one. (And to the people who say “looks aren’t everything,” you need to cut the shit.)

Anyway, as an example, let’s say you make your living as a cashier. You’re not just going to outright tell her; “Hey babe, I’m a cashier, can I check you out?” That’s nowhere close to appealing, and the “check you out” part makes you look like more of a dork than before.

Instead, try something like; “I’m a handler of various currencies for a major North American Company.” Or, something like; “I’m a manager of the currency exchange department for a major North American Company,” (for those who may be a “lead” of cashiers).

Now, what if she asks you where you work? You have to come clean then?

And you should come clean. Tell her exactly where you work. It’s your duty to not lie to her, because you don’t want a relationship to start off with a lie. All you need to do is say; “I work at (insert store here) at one of their local branches in (insert state here).”

Now obviously, this isn’t guaranteed to always work. But if you know what you’re doing and can extend your vocabulary to help make it work, the sky is the limit for you!


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