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The Great Student Shuffle

If you haven’t heard, roughly 46 high powered individuals (so far) are being accused for allegedly being a part of a major bribery and money laundering scam to help aid their kids in being accepted to various universities across the world. Special Agent Joe Bonavolonta went into detail about it in a press briefing on March 12, 2019. Now, I may hear some

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A House Divided

Back in February, I saw a report by Philip Defranco on an Esquire Magazine feature called ” An American¬†Boy”. Now I am not going to cover what was said in the article or much of what the article was about. I’m not even going to cover much of the backlash Esquire has had because of the article’s subject and the

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The Perfect Morning

We all have that perfect morning that sits in the back of our minds. We all have that perfect morning that we dream about; that morning where we can sit back, take a deep breath, and say; “This……is perfection.” Picture this with me folks, because we are about to go on a trip here. You are walking down the stairs

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