The Cubs Pitching Staff Is Going To Be The Death Of Them

As of writing this, the Cubs are three games into the 2019 regular season. And during those three games, their pitching staff has shown that it can’t be trusted with closing out games.

Take Game 2 against the Rangers for instance. Yu Darvish, the $126 MILLION DOLLAR MAN, couldn’t last more than three innings. And in those three innings, he gave up three runs and WALKED SEVEN! Doesn’t seem like a debut that you want from one of your highest paid starters, but I digress.

Then, what did the bullpen do? They proceeded to BLOW any shot at a lead the Cubs thought they had.

And they didn’t stop there. In the following game, Hamels got spanked for five runs, while guys like Montgomery and Strop couldn’t hold down the fort for him.

Personally, regardless if they were actually in the running for the BIG name free agents like Machado or Harper, they should have been focusing on the DAMN PITCHING. But no! The front office, in my opinion, failed to bring in any premium names to bolster their rotation/pen.

It’s a travesty what this pitching staff has become; they don’t look prepared to make a deep run into October unless MAJOR changes are made during the season. Granted, the offense has looked nice; BUT, it doesn’t mean shit if your pitching can’t hold it down.

And I get it, we are only three games in. I also understand that the baseball season is a marathon, where teams can get cold or hot at the drop of a hat. It’s just, with what the team has now, I just don’t see them lasting this season.


But what are your thoughts on how the Cubs started the season? Do you have faith in their pitching staff? Let me know in the comments below, or on one of our various social media accounts.

One comment

  • It looks like madden is still in Arizona and spring training.
    Hopefully he will awaken from his senior moment and realize the season has started. Lol
    Thankfully the season is long and 90 wins should be enough for October baseball.

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