Pitcher Drunk Is The Best Kind Of Drunk

filled with liquid glasses

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

No, I’m not talking about baseball pitchers getting drunk during a game; even though I feel like that would be HILARIOUS! I’m talking about the drunk that you get off of drinking beer from a pitcher.

Now you need to understand something about me; I am one cheap S.O.B. If I can find any way to save money in my life, then you better believe I will take it………especially with BEER!

So on a given weekend night, bars are offering roughly two to seven drink specials per night in order to drive in drinkers; (bullshit stat alert). And one of those specials is, more often than not, “pitcher deals.”

Depending on the bar, the deals that you may witness can range ANYWHERE in price, with many different sizes of pitcher. (Hell, a bar by the college I attended had “penny pitchers” one night when I was there).

And why is this great news?

Well, you have an ever-flowing supply of beer for a rather low price. Revisiting the penny pitcher’s, for example; we each literally had our OWN PITCHERS OF BEER! (Granted, it wasn’t the greatest beer. But, if it does the job, then where’s the harm in that?)

Let’s not forget the special “bring a tap to your table” scenarios that happen every now and again. These are literally large plastic containers with a tap attached to the bottom that sit in the middle of your table. It provides all the convenience of a beer supply at your table, with all the

So next time you go out for a weekend, make sure to ask how much the pitchers are that night. Your wallet will thank me later.


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