Punch Card Punch Out

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Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

If you haven’t read in Kellen’s latest article, he called me out for not being a fan of the traditional punch card.

(Kellen’s Last Article)

You know what?

I stand by my opinion that punch cards; especially the old school paper ones you have to keep in your wallet or purse, are a pain in the butt! And I, for one, am glad they have gone the way of dial-up internet and floppy disks.

Kellen, I am not going to lie, you have a good point bringing up the savings you can get. That being said, what if you forget it somewhere, or lose it? Some places, if you have a nice cashier and/or they know you well, may help you out and give you a new one with the same amount of punches you say you had. But most of the time, however, you may not be that lucky. Plus, having a physical punch card is like having a paper coupon.

We both have experience in the retail industry; how many times have people come to the register saying they forgot their coupon? Or even lost it? If you lost your punch card once, you may lose it again. Moreover, if you lose your punch card or it gets destroyed when you are one punch away from your free product, then that would have some detrimental effects on how you feel when you have to restart a new card.

This is not to say that I am fully against all kinds of punch cards. I actually am a fan of digital ones. The kinds you have on your phone are the best option because how often do you leave the house without your phone Kellen?








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