When You Are Offered A Punch Card At A Store, You Should ALWAYS Accept It!

Sadly, the “punch card” has become a dying art form in recent years. With the rise in the use of apps and various other digital coupons, businesses have found less of a need for these beautiful creations.

However, I think they are a fantastic thing. More companies should learn from their predecessors of yesteryear, and bring back the “punch cards” to our everyday lives.

Now, for those of you who have lived under a rock, or who are too young to ever have a punch card; these were cards that the cashier would punch or stamp any time you bought something. Then, once you hit a certain amount of punches or stamps, you would get a free item.

I bring this up because just the other week, I received one of these gems from a local coffee shop that I frequent. With this card, after every six coffees that I purchase, I receive a seventh one for free.

Think about this for a second; I am a repeated customer at this store, and I am receiving FREE coffee for being a loyal customer. How can you pass up an offer like that?

Look at it this way; the coffee that I buy normally costs around two bucks a cup. If you get at least three cups of coffee per week, that’s 156 coffees per year, which costs roughly $312 per year. If you follow the punch card, you should get roughly 22 free coffees per year, which equates to $44 saved per year.

Now, some may say that $44 is nothing, and that I shouldn’t bother with even keeping track of a punch card. But think about everything that you can buy with that money; a little more than three cases of beer, 40+ more fast food burgers, 10 packs of condoms, etc….

The things is, some folks in society have a problem with these punch cards. So, C.S., the ball is in your court! We are waiting for your rebuttal.


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