Put The Punch Card In A Safe Spot: A Rebuttal To C.S.’ Article

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Have you been keeping up with our debate? If not, give mine and C.S.’ last articles a quick read;

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I respect the phone argument that you made in your previous article. I agree; everybody and their grandmother has a cellphone, which makes it easier to keep track of things such as this.

But when it comes to losing your punch card, how is that possible? For me, since I use it on a usual basis, I always hand it to the cashier with my money at the same time. And just like how I keep an eye on my credit card at all times, I keep an eye on the punch card too.

Then, once the transaction has been made, I just slip it back into my wallet where it belongs.

Personally, I keep it folded up in front of my ID so that it’s visible in my wallet’s little window. It’s close to impossible to read my ID through there anyway, and I just find myself taking it out whenever I need to show it to someone. So, this allows me to keep better track of where the card is located.



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