Punch Card K.O.

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Have you been keeping up with our debate? If not, give mine and Kellen’s last articles a quick read;

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Kellen made a very good point about keeping the punch card in a safe place. I can not knock that logic.

That being said, I think the best thing to do right now is to give a real-world example that I have been through with a punch card.

No, it’s not a traumatic story. However, if the people reading this want to read this in a trembling voice, I can not stop them.

There is a local burger shop down the road and for a year they had punch cards for customers who order their burger combo deals. Order 6 and your 7th one is free! It’s a great deal for those who go to the burger shop regularly; much like Kellen and his coffee shop.

And when I do get one, there is a great chance that I will lose it in some way, shape or form. Whether it’s me throwing it out because I haven’t been there in a while, or even just losing it in my car; the possibilities are endless.

I stand by my original statement, paper or hard copy punch cards are obsolete and companies should consider a digital version if they do something like a punch card promotion.






One comment

  • I must comment.
    Both of you are correct.
    Kellens punch cards work if you file them away in your wallet in a safe place. My golf
    Course uses them, and I leave my card with my balls in my trunk. Lol.
    C. S. Is right if you don’t frequent those places. My suggestion to that is to leave an envelope in your card for punch cards. That eliminates the argument of losing it. Next point C. S. made was not having your punch card available. That’s an easy one, just ask for another card. The establishment will combine all your punch cards together, when you bring all the cards in.
    My final thought on this is both are right! Digital punch cards are great. Such as my Starbucks and CVS rewards card keeping track of all my purchases. But the negative could be, do you want these establishments to know your spending/eating habits? Is that the way of the future? Lastly, franchises have an advantage over your local coffee/burger places. It’s money to have digital punch cards.
    So agree to disagree and keep up with the good articles.


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