Late Night Drinking Thoughts 8

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Drinking thoughts are like normal thoughts from a six year old; random, off the cuff, yet have some “real meaning” to them. And to be honest, when drinking, adults tend to revert back to how they acted when they were children. This includes, but is not limited to; nursing bottles, depending on other people to take care of them, vomiting, and struggling to walk by themselves.

But besides all of that, you really should respect the art of drinking thoughts. The fact that you can sometimes get such a “real” thought/comment out of someone, even though they are three sheets to the wind, gives alot of meaning to what they are saying.

Why do fancy restaurants serve such small portions of food? Come on now; I’m 6’4″, I’m a BIG DUDE! If I’m ordering a shrimp dish, I expect to have more then one shrimp sitting on top of a f***ing cracker!!

I mean, does less food signify that you are part of a higher class? Or does it just mean that rich people have smaller stomachs? And while you answer those question, I’ll be ordering a double-bacon cheeseburger from down the street.

How much do the people who pose for the pictures in picture frames at the store make? Am I the only one that’s ever thought of this? Am I the only one that’s ever purchased a picture frame and thought; “Gee, I wonder how much this lovely couple in this photo was paid?”

Because me personally, I would need a few big bills peeled off to get me to do this kind of work. If there was a photography spectrum, these types of photos would range somewhere between flyers (where people will be throwing them out rather quickly), and magazine pictures (where MANY people will see them, and they may or may not be thrown out as fast).

Is there a reason why people can’t pick up their dogs’ crap after they take a dump? I’m not joking, as of writing this, I noticed someone outside my window walking their dog past my house. The dog literally stopped, took a shit in my yard, and the two of them continued to stroll away.

I swear, the nerve of some people to not have the common courtesy of picking it up and throwing it away themselves.


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