THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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The staff here at The Midwestern Barfly Gazette would like to extend our GRANDEST thank you for all of the love and support we’ve received. We are excited to announce that we have reached the 200 follower milestone here on

We’ve brought you many different forms of content on this site; from sports articles at the start, with lifestyle and brews thrown in along the way. Now, we are starting to dabble more with videos as well. And, who knows; we could be seeing ALOT more stuff gracing this page down the road.

Once again, and we cannot stress this enough, THANK YOU to everyone who has joined us in this journey. The pathway to 200 was filled with fun times, and TONS of empty beer bottles; but we did it!

NOW, this is where the road to 300 followers starts! We restocked the beers in the fridge, bought a new keg, and are ready for the journey that is ahead.

So make sure you hit that like button, and share this page across any and EVERY channel of communication that you have access to. Let your friends know about us, and join a fantastic community of people!



And while you’re at it, make sure to check out our various social media accounts as well;

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