Your Look And The Job You Want

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Since high school, I’ve been told by all of my teachers that I should “dress for the job that I want.” Whether it’s shaving for a job interview, keeping your hygiene in check, or even improving your wardrobe a tad; you should always just look the part.

But for some reason, there are folks out there that don’t agree with that statement. They believe that even if they have neon pink hair and 17 piercings in their face, that they still deserve to get any job that they want.

Now, I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with that. If you want to look like you’re one transmission away from a body shop, then by all means, you do you. BUT, if you don’t match the look that is expected from the position, then you don’t deserve a shot! PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

“But Kellen, my credentials show that I’ve done (XYZ), which must mean that I am qualified. Plus, I am a HUMAN BEING, which means that I am “entitled” to this position,” someone may say.

FIRST OFF, I hate the word entitled SO MUCH! That’s the MAIN reason that I put it in quotation marks; because it’s taken on a whole new meaning with this generation of kids.

Next, your “credentials” don’t mean DIDDLY SQUAT if you are showing up in sweats and a yellow mohawk to an interview. You could be the president, a retired heart surgeon, and a platinum selling artist for all I care. BUT, if you have ANY of the descriptors that have been mentioned throughout this article, then the only thing you are entitled to is a hearty “have a great day” as you exit the door.


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