Welcome To Social Media In 2019

black cat holding persons arm

Photo by Ruca Souza on Pexels.com

It started off as a cool, new thing that helped users stay connected, or even reconnect, with old friends. But, as time progressed, it has become a place that people go to to post about political issues, to talk about a job they hate, or to even just boast to NO END about adventures they take.

1. The Out Dated Memer: This person posts memes which were popular years ago. (HINT: these memes stopped being funny the year they came out.)

2. The Poet: This is the person who uses their posts to talk about their “tortured soul” through couples or lyrics.

3. The Traveler: This kind of person uploads photos of them traveling to exotic places regularly……….almost like they don’t have a job!

adult back view beautiful blur

Photo by Maria Tyutina on Pexels.com

4. The Jock: This is the person who regularly posts about anything/everything going on in the sports world.

5. The Cryer: This person sees their life in constant turmoil and is trying to find relief/seeking comfort from other people.

6. Self Promoter: The person who only shares and posts things about stuff they create or have done.

woman in pink long sleeved shirt holding white book with my work report text print

Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

7. The Networker: Much like “The Self Promoter,” this person uses social media to promote their goals and make connections to further their career…(no one said all these had to be negative.)

8. The Revolutionary: This is the person who frequently posts about all the wrong the government is doing and who they are oppressing.

9. The Loyalist: Pretty much the exact opposite of The Revolutionary. They post all the good that the government is doing. 

10. The Model: Posts pictures of their outfits, almost daily.

11. The Kind Heart/Motivator: This is the person who always seems to post motivational or positive messages.

heart shaped red neon signage

Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com

12.  The Comic: Always posts funny blurbs.

13. The Chain Letter Sucker: This is the person who always seems to share those, pestering, 1 like = 1 prayer, posts.

14. The Guilt Tripper: These people share a picture of a cute animal with the words “I bet I won’t even get one like.” This is akin to those ASPCA commercials…(you want to call B.S. but its too kind and you would be the jerk if you said anything.)

15. The Boastful Parent: This is exactly what you think, the parent that exclusively posts about all the things their child is doing.



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