5 Types Of People That Use Dating Apps

Dating sites are some of the most popular applications that you can download for your mobile device. There are hundreds of them out there; all with some kind of “schtick” to try and make them different.

But the one thing that all of these apps have in common is the people who use them. And I am fairly confident that whoever reads this IS like one of these, or KNOWS someone like one of these;

1. The Catfish: The catfish is plain and simple; it’s someone that’s using fake pictures and fake information to make it seem like they are someone else.

They’re everywhere, ladies and gentlemen, they’re EVERYWHERE! For some reason, people get their jolly’s off by posing as someone else online. Whether it’s for a monetary gain, or even because they are lonely; it still takes a SICK person to mess with someone’s feelings like that.

2. The Power Swiper: If there is a “swiping mechanic” on the app, this is the person that just “right swipes” all day! They don’t give a shit about the consequences; they will just say yes to whatever picture comes across their screen with the hope they will find a match.

Think of these people as the “basketball players” of the dating world; you’re not going to get anywhere unless you shoot your shot. And when it comes to these folks, they shoot ALOT of shots!

3. The Pooper Gamer: Dating apps are like a game to this individual. So much so, that they result to playing it while they are on the toilet.

For those who are unaware, there are such things as “poop games.” These are the games that you play on your phone to help pass the time while you are “going number 2.” Dating apps for this individual fall under this category, because;

  1. It’s something to do.
  2. It doesn’t take alot of thought, and
  3. It passes the time.

4. The Romantic/The Writer: THIS PERSON writes a damn book any time they message someone. It doesn’t matter if they are actually interested in someone, or if they are just “testing the waters;” they will write four pages of utter BS just to get someone’s attention.

It’ll also be FULL of corny lines, like; “From when the sun rises until it sets, your beauty is what keeps me going,” or “Your eyes are like two beautiful works of art that I can gaze into from noon ’til night.”

DUDE, just say; “Hi, how’s it going? You have a nice rack!” DONE, plain and simple, short and sweet.

(Ok, maybe not the “rack” part, but you get my point.)

5. Hookup Harold: “Hookup Harold” is a naive little bastard who thinks he can get sex out of ANY situation on a dating app. He believes just sending a picture of his genitalia, or saying “do you wanna bang?” will INSTANTLY get him laid.

News flash their pal, you just look like a douche, and no one likes you.


Have you come across any other people during your time on a dating app? Let us know in the comments below, or on one of our various social media accounts.

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