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Throughout the years, our family has had alot of sociable and expressive pets. They weren’t all at the same time; we aren’t “those” people. We had pets ranging from an African Grey named “Slick,” to ferrets named “Ice” & “Bandit,” and everything in between. However, the last four pets my parents got were cats. Two at a time, again we aren’t “the crazy cat peopleof our neighborhood.

The first two were “Cigar” and “Havana.” Cigar, the male of the two, always thought he was the toughest cat around. And considering they both were strictly indoor cats, he was right. However, I am pretty sure the cat from the comic strips in the paper could kick his butt any day of the week.

Havana, on the other hand, was very skittish. She was, what you would call, a “scaredy cat.” In order to not scare her off when we needed to pick her up for something, we had to move with EXTREME stealth and quickness.

I swear, if people were able to see into our house, they would think we were hunting this poor creature.  Oh, and forget about her being around guests; she would hide so well that people would think we only had one cat at the time.

Side Note: To give you more of an idea of how panicky and frightened Havana was; when it came to feeding her, someone would have to sit behind her while holding her sides and petting her. While doing that, the same person would also have to shoo away Cigar, who would always try and steal Havana’s food.

Fortunately for us, my family had these cats for many years. They were around for MANY milestones in mine and my brother’s life.

Unfortunately, as they say, all good things must come to an end. We lost Havana to cancer. Cigar lasted a few years longer; we had to let him go due to his own medical problems.

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Fast forward a couple years; my brother is at college, I’m in High School, and my parents are looking at getting another cat. Of course, this means getting a total of two cats. They want the first one to have a brother. My dad then started to research cats, and came across a breed that he absolutely loved. They are called “Savannahs,” and they are cats which are bread from an African Serval. think; the cats the Egyptians worshiped as Gods; then you might have an idea of what they look like and where they get their entitled, almost “millennial,” nature from.

My dad found one that he and my mother both fell in love with, and his name was “King Kong”. According to the breeder, he was the alpha male; he was the first one to eat, even before his own mother. He was an all black cat with a bit of a rambunctious attitude, and my folks just HAD to have him!

When we first brought him home, we saw how crazy this cat was. He was ready to play as soon as we entered the front door.

And WOW, could this little guy jump! In our house, our kitchen counter was a good three and a half to four feet tall from the floor up. This little guy jumped, from a dead standstill, to the top of said counter. Our little kitten that we just brought home for the first time made one INCREDIBLE leap.

Once up there, he accidentally fell into the sink, where he noticed a steak knife. He grabbed it by the handle in his mouth, and decided to run across the house with it. He looked like a little pirate.

After that incident, we sat back and realized that we needed to name him something that fits his antics. My dad came up with the name “Taz,” and it stuck. And as the years passed, Taz’s behavior has not really changed.

Finally, my parents had to get Taz a “brother.” His name is “Ace,” and he is such a beautiful cat. He may not be winning any awards for his intelligence, but he is very kind and lovable. While Taz…Taz has become more of an a-hole over the years.

Needless to say, my parents and I LOVE our cats. They do become a hassle every now and again, but we love them all the same and could not image our lives without them.

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This is Taz:


Remember what I said about my parents getting very sociable and expressive pets? This is Taz at his birthday this past year, what do you think is going through his mind? (Comment below your thoughts).


This is Ace: (he isn’t drugged, he just likes to be petted ALOT!) If Ace had a dating app this would be his profile pic.




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